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1 Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:37 am


1 Adverb phrases are just as important to use in your writing as linking words.
To add an idea: in addition, furthermore, moreover, also, besides, in fact
To show time: first, second, then, next, later (on), meanwhile, finally, afterward
To contrast: however, nevertheless, in contrast, on the other hand, still
To show cause – result: therefore, thus, consequently, as a result, hence
To introduce an alternative or choice: otherwise
To emphasize: in fact, of course, indeed, certainly
To give an example: for example, for instance
To generalize or summarize: in general, overall, in short

2. Below are some collocations about work.

 Collocations after work
- work well - work done - work here - work hard - work time - work day - work together

Collocations before work

will work - did work - does work - hard work - make work - know work - just work

Collocations about work

work abroad - apply for a job - sacked from a job - world of work is changing - deal with people - to be on maternity leave - part of a succesful team - get a promotion/to be promoted - under pressure - out of a job - hunt for a job - be in charge of - to be off work - to get promoted - get a better job

3. With your partner, create a short story about work. Your story should be no longer than 3 minutes. In your story, you must have: 3 collocations, 3 adverb phrases and 5 different linking words.

(Remember to write your partner's name under your story) santa santa santa rendeer rendeer rendeer

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2 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:52 am

Jessie was an accountant in Sine nix hotel. She was such a kind woman that everyone loves her. Besides that, she had an ability to work with people and worked hard. Of course, she got a priority from her manager so some Jessie’s colleagues were jealous of her. First, she didn’t pay attention to them. Then, she felt uncomfortable every day. At last, she decided to apply for a job. After that, Jessie applied for a job in a small company near her house. Unluckily, the staffs in her new company were unfriendly and rule so she had to work under pressure every day. She was very remorseful. As a result, she left her new job and looked for another. Finally, she recognized that she needed to pay no attention to the bad rumors, trying your best to be successful is the most important. It’s the most valuable lesson for us  especially for someone who is working… Laughing
                                                                                                                                                  (Jessica, Jilly) Razz

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3 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:52 pm

Johny always worked hard while colleague, Alice didn’t . Surprisingly, Alice was always the best worker in the company. Therefore, Johny decided not to work hard anymore. First, every morning he had a cup of coffee and listened to music. Afterward, when the afternoon came, he did his work just a littler bit. Furthermore, he forced someone else to do his work. Then, in the evening, he surfed the Internet for entertainment instead of working like the others. He also finished work early and began work late. And everyday was the same. Consequently, his work result got worse. However, he thought he was going to be the best worker like Alice by that way. But that was wrong. Suddenly someone told the boss that Johny was lazy in working. As a result, he was fired. He didn’t know one thing that Alice almost worked hard at night instead of day. Through this realistic story, we’ve got a lesson: “ Don’t care about the others whether they work hard or not, yourself has to work hard anyway to get success”.
( Christina, Jack ) lol!

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4 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:34 pm

Mandy was a secretary in Hallo company. Everyone loves her but she had has some problem with her manager. So, after two years work-well in Hallo company she decided to apply for a job in another company. She went to the new company, she tried to working hard in the new company and finally she was promoted but it wasn't good like she thought. Somebody in the company wasn't satisfied with her. First, she didn't take care about that. But, then she was quit this job she want to got a better job . She hunt for another job but there is no job suitable with her. She was very sad in a long time. Now, she is a business woman, she succeed in many line of business

( Ashley & David ) Razz

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5 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:07 pm

[b][color=#FF0000] ( This isn't my essay . This is Tina & Kenny essay )
                   she asked me to post this for her

Everyday, my mother usually told me about her work in the past.  
She told me that when she was graduated she was worked in a company. First, she was very tired every day and her colleague didn't treatment with her very good. After a few months, she quitted that job and she wanted to get a better job. Finally, she found a perfect job really suitable with her ability. Every one in that company was very good with her and because she was working hard so she was promoted very fast. Just because that, in fact there is somebody was jealous with her. But she didn't care about it. Then after a year she quitted that job again. Now she didn't hunted for a job anymore because she is a perfect teacher now.

                                            [size=18]( Tina & Kenny ) Laughing  Laughing

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6 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:01 pm

( Nick & Julia )

When I was young, I really want to work abroad in Paris but I didn't have enough money.So I just applied for a job in a small cafe. First, my job was bad because one of my colleague really hate me.Then he tried to make me being fired but the plan didn't work. Afterward, my boss was very angry so he got fired. Then, a France restaurant wanted me to work with them. I worked very hard and my boss wanted me to go to Paris and learn more about France food and of course, I got a better job in Paris. Finally, for a long time, my dream is came true!

       3 collocations, 3 adverb phrases and 5 different linking words.

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7 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:56 pm

I applied for this job for two years and finally I worked in the company as an intern. I worked hard and one day, my boss said I’m in charge of managing the sales team. If I work well then I’ll get the job. At first, I thought it would be easy. However, it was more difficult than I thought because the people in the sales team always consider revising the opinions of each other and they fought a lot so i can’t do anything to improve the problems. I’ve to choose between fixing it to get the job or get fire from it but I can’t put up with them anymore. As a result, it can’t be help and I got sacked after that so now I’m looking for a better job.

(Carol & Lenna)

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8 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:00 pm

In the future, after we graduated at the collegue and got the degree. We will apply for the job we would like to do or the job we are good at. So, firstly we have to pay attention in studying, always search for new things and as the result we will reach to our wonderful dream. For example: we'll get the BA, MA, PHD so we're easy to get the job. In fact we'll hunt for the job.
Pair: ROB and RYAN.

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9 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:58 pm

*Looking for a job*
Nick was an unemployed person who has just been out of a job because he was so lazy. After that, he walked along the street and looked for a better job without under pressure. He looked at every shops, company,... and finally, he decided to apply for a job at the 69's hotel. Later on, he went to the hotel and looked for the manager. Then, he didn't see the manager so he went around to find informations about the job. While he was going around the hotel, the manager came in and asked him what he needed. Therefore, the interviewer- a receptonist- interviewed him. Because of his bad preparation, he couldn't answer any questions of the interviewer. But the hotel manager really needed a cleaner and he was the only one person who was interviewed so the manager offered Nick to do that job. Nick agreed and the following day, he started working for the hotel. At first , he promised to work hard in order to get a higher salary but, in fact, he was becoming lazy day by day. After a few days, the manager asked him to work harder or he would be fired. And then, he was still lazy, slept in work time, … and of course, he was sacked from that job as a result. In conclusion, we want to say to you that laziness doesn’t bring you any good things.
PAIR: Henry and Robert.

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10 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:45 pm

John was a worker in a company. He was working hard so he promoted very fast. First everybody was hate him very much. Then after a few months he was sacked from that job because he wasn't focus in work. He apply for a job to get a better job. Finally he could find a job suitable with his ability. He was a business now but he wanted to change another job. After three months he choose anothwler job. He was a manager of a hotel and he really like this job.

( Neo & Justin )

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11 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:52 am

Last year, I had a stupid thought that was to have a job. Therefore, I applied for my dream jobs. First, I went to a restaurant to be a chef, but I was too young to cook so I had to wash dishes. I worked hard everyday but the pay wasn’t good. Hence, I dealt with my boss to have higher salary. As a result, I was fired. Then, I tried another work in a café because I thought I was suitable with their requirements. But I was wrong, I was just good enough to be a waitress. At first, I didn’t want to do that but the pay was OK so I tried for a week. My job started going wrong when I went to work late and broke glasses, I had to pay a lot of money. Consequently, I sacked from my job, but I didn’t give up yet. I did another work that is my job now: I sold handmade things. I realized that I was too confident and I didn’t have enough experience to work when I applied for my jobs in the restaurant and the café. Now, I am very happy to be my own boss and can make a lot of money by myself.


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12 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:48 pm

Jodie Lee is a student from Lawrenceville University. She is hunting for a job  in order to get a better job in the future. However,she can not apply for the jobs just because: She is Asian. Jodie is extremely worried. One day, when a man from Sky Group read her CV, he loves it and the also Sky Group loves it. They wants to make a deal with Jodie, but Jodie's bad luck is not over. She has to work under pressure ten hours a day. Of course, the young girl cannot stand on it so she comes back to her homeland-Korea and be incharge of a big supermarket. Certainly,this job is much easier than the job in the USA. Overall, Jodie sends us a message that: Just do the job that you re interested in then you will find your joy.
(Stephanie & Jennifer) elephant pig

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13 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Mon Dec 08, 2014 8:31 pm

Anna is going to apply for a job. She was sacked from her previous job because she didn’t have enough experience for that job. She works hard but she need to be more patient. She is good at working alone, however she still need the ability to work in group. For example: she has to deal with other people to give the last decision. And she must has responsibility about what she’s doing. It means, if there are any mistake, it’s all her fault. Besides that, there was a new partner with her, so she must try her best to get a promotion or she’ll be out of her job.
(Thomas, Luciana)

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14 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:57 pm

Jessabelle had worked as a part of a successful sales team before she got sacked from it.She was the
secretary of the team who just had to be in charge of the contracts,sat at one place typing mail and
arranging other stuff.Meanwhile other peopel had to work their back off to get ideas and tried thier best to deal with peopel .Athough having a easy job ,she didn't work hard at all .In fact as a result of being an untidy and lazy secretary ,she lost the team's important contract once and that caused them a huge damage in money .Lucky her they gave her a choice ,to quit the job or to pay the lost money .And of course, she chose to leave so she is hunting for a new job now.But I'm sure with that working attitude, she'll nerver get one!
(Fiona and Jonhny)

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15 Re: Ready for PET Writing on Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:45 pm

Nick always worked hard at university because he wanted to apply for a good job and wanted to started a new life by himself. When Nick finished his university . Luckily,he was invited to work for a famous hospital in the province. The first day went to work, he expected to get help from everyone, but everything didn't happen like what he wanted.Then he had to do small thing, for example: buy coffe for boss, photocopy, bring profiles to the doctor,...... Even like that but he still worked well so after 3 months he could worked like a doctor. However, until now he becomes one of the best doctor in the hospital, he succeed many line in medicine

( Danny & Wendy )

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